eMachines Netbook 355-1693 [Easy Bios Removal!] – GSM FRP

As simple as can be, the video helps to easily show how a Bios password is removed for the eMachines 355-1693 netbook.

Download Latest Bios: http://support.gateway.com/us/en/emac/product/default.aspx?modelId=3623

1. Internet Connection
2. Temporary alternative PC or laptop
3. USB Flash drive bigger than 2MB
4. Five minutes of your life
5. Common sense to follow instructions
6. The actual eMachines laptop in need of Bios removal
7. Patience & Joy After video


27 thoughts on “eMachines Netbook 355-1693 [Easy Bios Removal!] – GSM FRP”

  1. Not too shabby, actually worked on a dell, an aspire and my old as dirt iBM. ( had to adjust alittle for the latter of the three- same concept though). I'm a lifelong subscriber- " senior cool". 💻🔌👓

  2. Friend, try your method with the model Emachines D728-4455 and it was not, now when I turn on the laptop only LED lights on for 10 seconds and then restart the computer without leaving even start.

  3. i OPEN my LAPTOP and there is a WIFI, after a FEW MINUTES, ALL-WIFI CONNECTION are gone, then after a few days i OPEN my LAPTOP again and there is a wifi, AFTER FEW MINUTES, the WIFI is gone, what's happening in my LAPTOP?


    REPLY ASAP, thank you

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