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44 thoughts on “Do NOT Shut Down Your Computer! (here's why) – GSM FRP”

  1. If you want to kill all processes then fine. Do whatever suites you. But if your don’t shut it down to save your PC? Come on I threw out my 10 years old stale PC long before it’s dead… every piece works like new.

  2. The title in this video may cause alarm for some users of PC`s I don`t think it was a good idea of using that as a title. Maybe a bit more thought might have gone into it. I`m sure that these days the majority of PC users are using modern SSd`s or NVME`s to boot their systems and also given the speed of modern Ram that too is also a lot quicker as you explained. Shutting down your pc in my opinion is better it cleans everything and your good to go the next time you boot up. As for sleep mode or hibernation not a good idea given these days power usage and the like also bugs might crop up you never know. To be safe Shut down your pc. I neither liked or disliked this video i just wanted to make this point.

  3. My comment is kinda unrelated to the video, but honestly if you shut down your PC (when it's working properly) you're wasting your life. Ever since I became aware of the fact that hibernation was a thing in Windows I have never shut down or restarted besides updates. All your apps and work and files and games stay open for you, and it's way better than sleeping since it consumes too much power (or drains your battery if you're on a laptop). If you're still shutting down every time you stop using your PC, you're doing it wrong.

  4. after disabling fast startup my pc takes a long time to shut down, is this normal? with fast boot it takes between 5-8 seconds and without it it takes 20-25, it's not that much of a difference but it's annoying since it's not supposed to affect shutdown, I have a very good SSD

  5. Or… disable Fast Startup, as it’s a ridiculous feature if you have an SSD. With Fast Startup disabled, I’ve had restarts range from doing nothing to going into boot loops, and physically switching off the power supply / flipping it back on and powering on made everything work swimmingly.

  6. Just crazy. One of the first things a tech does is shut down and restart. Esp if its a novice who has never shut down their computer before. Clears all update wainting in the cue. One of the worst things to do its start making changes or diagnosing while there is a update waiting in the backround.

  7. Sadly fast startup is enabled by default.
    This just adds to wearing out the SSD re TBW.
    Thanks Microsoft, I'm sure they have shares in Samsung.

    It should be disabled by default.

  8. No, that was great! I've been in the computer industry for 20 years and one of the things I like best is when people tell me things I DON'T KNOW! I learned a few things watching this. Thank you. I'll be back. L

  9. do not listen to this women she as no idea what she is talking about.

    and oh yes is she going to pay my electricity bill at the end month my advice always turn your computer off other wise it will slow it down and burn out your hard drive

    2 hackers can hack into your computer when its on this women i am so sorry to say is a moron

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