Dell Inspiron 15 3593 UEFI BIOS Setting Walkthrough – GSM FRP

A look at the UEFI BIOS settings on the Dell Inspiron 15 3593 laptop.

For a consumer laptop there is actually a surprising amount of customisation available, including the option to disable most the laptops ports and ancillary hardware, such as the SATA devices, USB ports, webcam, microphone and speakers.

Power management and processor feature customisation is also available.


22 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron 15 3593 UEFI BIOS Setting Walkthrough – GSM FRP”

  1. hi I want to ask about the boot option.. why are ur boot sequence is still boot manager at the top instead of your ssd? and at system configuration, u choode AHCI instead of default system which is RAID on.. because I just installed SSD and my boot display is different from other videos on youtube..only ur video has the same BIOS display as mine..

    Really appreciate if you reply ☺️

  2. Can you believe this interface… I mean… we are techs, only techs work with BIOS. Why the hell does these woke BIOS designers have to set it up like if it was Apple.
    It is so slow… even if in the previous version, one can't back up the trees with the left arrow… this garbage is just unusable.
    The tinfoiled hat that designed this, I would put 50-60 PCs with this interface in front of them and tell them to set them up with Smart on, AMT off, etc. and I'm sure they would all rage quit inside 20 minutes.
    The problem with engineers today is that they do not use what the pull out of their head… ya… it looks cute… but it's useless for the industry.

  3. yheaa sooo we have the same model of laptop. My question is can I add a additional drive(2.5 inch ssd) on it.
    So there will be 2 drive the m.2 nvme c:/ drive where windows is istalled and a 2.5 inch ssd for extra storage space?

    If so can you provide me a specific model of 2.5 inch ssd. Thanks🤗

  4. @
    Brue Computing hi there mate, I have another question. So basically I have a 12 gb of ram and I’m also planning to upgrade it. Can I use a 8gb of ram or it needs to be the same as the default(the 12gb of ram)?


    can i only do this?
    12 + 12
    OR I can also do this?
    12 + 8

  5. good day

    My name is Artem

    I have a problem

    When you turn on the VGA or HDMI cable to the null-TV, it does not give out the card to the TV

    On Windows I checked everything

    Could there be a problem with the BIOS?

    I would be very grateful if you can help with this issue!

  6. i have the same BIOS for INSPIRON 14 5490 8 GB RAM and i5 10th gen. I wanted to ask that how can i allocate more system memory to this Video memory from this dell BIOS. No one knows bout it a lot.

  7. I have this laptop , I want to install 21H1 os version on usb bootable , but drives are not showing on partition step of booting ,otherwise hdd is working good. Help me please….

  8. Hi, i am using dell 3510 and bios ver is like this video, 1.3.0. i am going to install win 10 using usb bootable, i have choose the bootorder sandisk into the first line, but when i am reboot, it always keep into the homescreen not to the installation window. What should i do? Thanks

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