Common GPU Mining Bios Settings Above 4G – GSM FRP

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Common GPU Mining Bios Settings Above 4G


34 thoughts on “Common GPU Mining Bios Settings Above 4G – GSM FRP”

  1. Looking to setup my first test bench type thingy. A separate motherboard with power and CPU just to test 2nd hand GPU'S when I buy them. Is there any minimum spec you could recommend for something like this. I dont want this to indicate that a GPU is bad when it is the CPU that is limiting the benchmark. But I also dont want to waste money on this that I can put towards another GPU

  2. Great video did not know about some of these. On a side note I don't have any issues with cards not showing up but I'm having issues with my hive OS not reporting shares to the mining site. Keeps saying worker offline at least three four times a day even though hiveOS is still showing its mining fine

  3. My Asrock z590 gaming has 5 pcie slots, but as soon as I plug a pcie splitter all cards except 1 don't get recognized. I tried all the stuff you said, and my MOBO doesn't have mining mode.

  4. Very useful vid bro Brandon.
    I have One question, i have msi x570 a pro and Impossible Run Four GPU in This motherbord.
    But, i AM not have ideia to buy other motherbord for AMD.
    My CPU is R7 2700x.
    I need Help about This.
    Thankyou for vid and love you bro <3

  5. Is there a limit to how many cards you can put on a mobo? I have a Gigabyte B460M DS3H V2, I am able to get 5 cards on it but want to put 7 on it. Whenever I plug 6 or 7 in the board will not post.

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