Christmas Lights Through Car Windows – Amanda Fagan (Original Christmas Song) – GSM FRP

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I am so excited to finally share this Christmas EP with you all! I have been working on this project nonstop for the past 7 months and it’s finally done! I really hope you all like this song, along with the others ones on the EP. I tried my best to make each song capture a different aspect of Christmas/the Holiday Season, so that there was a song for everyone on the EP. Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy!

This song is about one of my favorite memories from Christmas. I love watching Christmas lights through car windows, going on long drives with people you love, drinking Christmas flavored lattes late at night. It seems small, looking at lights from behind a car window, but it so much more than that. Some of my best memories are from little moments like that. Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference, become the most cherished moments. I hope you enjoy the song and I hope you maybe find yourself in the words as well.

Big thanks to Vito Salvatore Gutilla for the amazing violin, Nebojsa Pavlovic for the incredible trumpet, and Claudio Tristano for the awesome guitar! And, as always, a big shoutout to my best friend and producer, Grace Thygeson! She helped me produce this song, along with entire Christmas EP!

Beautiful artwork by ZLGM! You can find more of ZLGM’s artwork here:

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Q: Is your music stream safe?
A: Yes! I wanted to guarantee that my music was safe for Twitch streams, so I reached out to my distributor. They told me that as long as you have ‘Soundtrack by Twitch’ enabled, you won’t have to worry about any muting or DMCA!

Q: Can I use your song in my animatic?
A: I’m totally fine with it, as long as you credit me. My songs have YouTube Content ID though. But don’t worry, I won’t report or take down any of your creations! I love watching all of your wonderful animatics! I just have the Content ID so it’s easier to track if someone re-uploads my music.

Q: What are the chords to the song?
A: I recently added the chords to every song in the description of the video!

Q: Will you upload the instrumental?
A: No, I don’t plan on uploading any instrumentals
Verses: A E F#/m D
Choruses: A E F#/m D
Bridge: F#/m D A E

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