Blank black Screen fix HP 23 Envy AIO PC corrupt bios repair Arduino flash – GSM FRP

BigSLICK repairs an HP 23 Envy AIO PC with symptoms of blank screen due to bios corruption. Fix requires remote flashing of the bios chip using Linux and an Arduino board.

Useful links that I found helpful:
Ubuntu Mate:

Amazon links to Arduino products needed for bios flashing:

Websites with useful info:
(this last site has several linux command line typos mistakes, but has the best photo to show connecting the Arduino to your bios rom recovery header)

Useful Linux terminal commands (CTRL-ALT-T to reach command line in Ubuntu Mate):

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install flashrom gcc-avr binutils-avr gdb-avr avr-libc avrdude git

git clone –recursive git://

cd frser-duino

make u2 && make flash-u2

ls -l dev/ttyACM0

sudo usermod -a G dialout [your ubuntu username]

sudo flashrom -p serprog:dev=/dev/ttyACM0:115200 -r old.rom

sudo flashrom -p serprog:dev=/dev/ttyACM0:115200 -w new.rom

Misc notes:
– Best to connect the PC (or laptop) and the Arduino board to a UPS to protect against any unexpected power interruptions.

– After plugging in my Arduino board, I waited a while but eventually had to reboot Ubuntu for it to see the Arduino. If reboot is needed, you will need to start with the commands at (cd frser-duino) and after.

– Remember, the defective PC is NOT powered-on during this process.

– Don’t forget to remove the CMOS battery at beginning, then replace when done

– Don’t forget to set the MB jumpers before, then reset them to original positions when done

– You need to get the internet working on the Ubuntu Mate pc in order to install the necessary software. Since wi-fi and linux are often challenging, the easiest way to get network connectivity in linux is to simply use a wired network cable and connect it to one of your router LAN ports. Much easier than fooling with wireless.


35 thoughts on “Blank black Screen fix HP 23 Envy AIO PC corrupt bios repair Arduino flash – GSM FRP”

  1. I have a HP ENVY 23se-d494 the ROM header has 10 pins with one missing. I cannot find the pin-out anywhere. So I do not know where to attach the wires. I am also using the Mega 2560 r3 to program it. Can you help me out? My email is

  2. Thank you for this video. How do you confirm that the Arduino is being picked up by the Ubuntu laptop? Also, I noticed you didn't use a Raspberry Pi as specified in the website/post by Marcus…. is using the laptop an easier/better way?

  3. I'm up to this part. Everything is connected… and I can see the Arduino is connected using ls -l /dev/ttyACM0 however I get the following when trying to read/save the old ROM:

    anthony@anthony-thinkpad:~$ sudo flashrom -p serprog:dev=/dev/ttyACM0:115200 -r OLD.ROM
    flashrom v0.9.9-r1954 on Linux 4.10.0-19-generic (i686)
    flashrom is free software, get the source code at

    Calibrating delay loop… delay loop is unreliable, trying to continue OK.
    Error: cannot synchronize protocol – check communications and reset device?
    Error: Programmer initialization failed.

    Could you help me out with this part? Thanks.

  4. Another thing, when I plug everything up to the ROM pins on the HP envy and finally plug the Arduino into the USB for power the LED on the motherboard lights up for a split second and then shuts off… any idea whats causing this also? Do you have to use a separate wall power to power the Arduino or would USB be suffice? I followed your way as you suggested instead of doing all of the RPi stuff.

  5. Bigslick, any idea what this error means?
    Calibrating delay loop… delay loop is unreliable, trying to continue OK.
    serprog: Programmer name is "frser-duino"
    serprog: requested mapping AT45CS1282 is incompatible: 0x1080000 bytes at 0xfef80000.
    No EEPROM/flash device found.
    Note: flashrom can never write if the flash chip isn't found automatically.

    I went ahead and connected a wall power supply to the Arduino. This is where I'm stuck now. Seems like I am getting closer so any help is appreciated.

  6. What I would of had done is look for the latest bios update and install it to the flash drive. Remove the cmos battery first and let it sit for 2 whole minutes, then put cmos battery back and boot to bios select boot manager or boot order and select usb key first in boot order and it will flash the bios at next bootup. If the computer does not boot then I would attempt to use a jumper.

  7. Using the exact same Arduino board, and the same HP ENVY 23, I'm getting the following error message: Error cannot synchronize protocol- check communications and reset device?

    *Note, when I try to use the 5V output from the board, I lose connectivity to the Arduino, but if I use the 3.3V, the board shows up (but then shows me that error). Any suggestions?

  8. I have an HP that is also showing a blank screen but when I turn on the power button I hear it booting up, even getting the windows startup sounds. If it's truly booting up but not displaying video, then BIOS would not be the issue correct?

  9. Hello sir, can you help me use the exact same Arduino board to save my dell xps 2710? Very good video. I would be grateful if you help me save my xps 2710 black screen. thank you in advance

  10. Thanks for making the video despite the jittery camera and video quality. It was very useful. I am in a similar situation where my BIOS ROM is corrupt and need to re-write its contents. I really appreciate the effort you went to put this video up =)

  11. So I have an envy 23, I turn on my Hp computer than the screen lights BOOM the screen stays black for the rest of time, I’m commenting this mid video so could you answer my question so I can go back on my computer, Thank you.

  12. If I understand well bios battery need to be removed before process? as you did mention at the end you need to give it back.

    And if I may know how did you find out and was so sure it is bios problem? I think there could be tons of failures which can lead to black screen, or am I wrong somewhere?

  13. Hi Mate, thanks for the video, i ordered the parts and planning to try this process in 2 days, can you please help with the right mapping of jumpers cables from the board to the motherboard jumpers? thanks

  14. Hi, is anyone there who can tell me how to connect the arduino to the pin's on the motherboard of the computer? What is the correct wiring? Wich Pin of Arduino Board has to be connected to with pin on the compters motherboard to get it work?

  15. You should take the bios out of the motherboard erase the old file you get the new file reprogram the chip than put it back to the motherboard this is not the professional way use Eprom programmer 5.5 🤞😎

  16. Hey Bigslick. I am trying to repair an HP Envy 23-o014 – all-in-one that wont boot after a failed bios update. It goes to the HP screen and then eventually says "Press the esc key for startup menu". I have tried guessing at CMOS reset pins, removing CMOS battery, booting from USB to reflash (cant because cant even get to boot menu).

    I wanted to try your reflash method and have the arduino and all parts, but I cannot figure out which pins are which. My PC does not have a seperate labelled ROM recovery section. I am uessing I need to use the 8 pins that are near the CMOS battery, but they are not labelled beyonf numbers 1-8. Do you know if I am correct that I need to use theses PINs?

    I cannot find any documentation on the motherboard to figure out which pins are which. The only info on the board that I see is DAONZDMB6E0 REV:E and Model: NZD

    The board I have is pictured here:

    If you are at all inclined to help, it would be very much appreciated, either here or via email. errorhelp at gm@il dot c0m

  17. This comment is for the folks watching in hopes of finding a clue as to what's up and how to fix their machine and is not intended as a bash or derogatory comment at the video's creator. At 1:08, you say you should have assumed it wasn't the inverter. Actually, you should have known that much earlier. There was no hard drive LED activity showing a drive booting, no beeping during the POST, and no keyboard lights showing or even callable by pressing Num Lock, Caps Lock, etc.. If it was a simple matter of a bad inverter, the rest of the machine would function as usual. Nice work on the BIOS recovery by the way.

  18. Same model computer, but with i7 processor… turns on fully maybe 10% of the time and works correctly. But if the power goes out or you shut it down by accident, it can take hours of turning it on/off before the HP logo will finally appear and Windows 10 then boots up. I'm figuring the board has gone flakey (checked all connectors pulled and replaced memory etc), seen it happen on other AiO computers by Dell, Lenovo, Pick-Ur-Poisen! They just don't make 'em like they used to. On the hunt for a good working take-out motherboard now or will recycle it if I get tired of searching. Personally, I have 2 Lenovo A730 AiO computers with 27" Quad HD Touchscreens and love these things (both are used/parts only computers I rebuilt, off Ebay for less than $200 each after acquiring needed replacement parts). Regards!

  19. Great vid! Looks similar to what I am experiencing. I have blank screen, no beep codes, and usb ports don't work. I think I need to do this even if it the motherboard is bad, so I can grab the windows product key stored in the bios. Were you able to recover the windows key? If so, how? Thanks again. Cheers!

  20. Hi, I recently experienced the same problem. Is there any other way to get it fix as im not good @ IT stuff. When u said issue command I didn’t got it how to give commands in linux.
    I got exactly same issue. Power on only fan and dvd turns on. No keyboard lights, no boot up.

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