BIOS walkthrough: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Xtreme – GSM FRP

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34 thoughts on “BIOS walkthrough: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Xtreme – GSM FRP”

  1. I have a Aorus X570 Pro and I was able to get rid of a mistake in the manual cpu overclocking section. I had input 4300 for a 3900x and of course it didn't work. So after literally an hour I input 0 and it stuck. I had input 0 a few times before with no luck but it did finally stick.

  2. I am a noob but I want to get the most out of my system without shortening its life span… Atleast much. I game and stream off 1 PC and want to push high frames in Warzone while streaming… It would be great if someone that has a x570 elite + Ryzen 9 3900x + 3600mhz ram could give me their Bios settings that they believe to be optimal? Anyone got any ideas? XD

  3. Thank you for the video man. Aorus X570 elite here, but basically the same. I'm having freezes at idle, never gaming or stress testing … I just found out the option for the PSU "typical current idle" lol fingers crossed xD
    The PSU is great but it is from 2013 so…

  4. 29:00 is the UCLK DIV1 MODE = MEMCLK/ MEMCLK/2 similar to what the new 11th gen intel is doing with gear 1 and gear 2? why do some settings not change when you do a clear cmos. that seems really bad. isnt that the point of clear cmos? AMD overclock bad. wow that is going to cost someone a motherboard. thanks for the heads up.

  5. 41:46 Or you can put a sane limit, like 80~85ºC, so that your CPU DOES NOT melt when you're trying things out and you're somehow temp-constrained (e.g. ambient temp too high), or if you just want to be safe regardless.

  6. Please do a new review here for Overclocking (ram and cpu) settings, we have new firmware on the Aorus Xtreme X570 (that i also own for my 5950x finally after 5 months of hunting it down..) .. please please please, it is so easy for you to do that 🙂 Thank you in advance for the consideration

  7. so how would we use the PBO overdrive for the new ZEN 3 cpus? I have a Gigabyte Aorus Master x570. I worry too about potentially bricking my mobo

  8. I am using RYZEn 7 with Gigabyte X70 UD motherboard. I did set the virtualization (SVM)option in BIOS, but after every restart of the system the VT option gets disabled. Its really annoying. Is there any option to set it permanently?

  9. Hi Buildzoid hi need your help i ave Aorus Master x570 whit 3900x 12 cores , am not overclocking ,whats is the best setting in the bios ,too keep all auto or set all !!!! Is you make me buy thats board whit your good review ..AMD overclocking no way ..

  10. Hi, Yesterday I tried to install windows 11 dev preview but it required tpm & secure boot. So I enable fTPM in bios setting & this was a easy.

    Then I tried to enable secure boot in BIOS . So I disable CSM, But when I try to enable secure boot I get this error: "Secure Boot can be enabled when Platform is in User Mode. Repeat operation after enrolling Platform Key (PM). "

    Currently I'm using Windows 10 pro. I'm noob and don't have very good knowledge of bios. So it would be grateful if anyone help me to convert bios from legacy to UEFI. My motherboard is X570 aours pro wifi and i'm using f22 bios.

    My Current system is

    Ryzen 3700x

    x570 Aorus Pro wifi

    G.Skill Trident Neo RGB (16×2) 3600mhz

    Gigabyte rtx 2070 super Gaming OC

    Wd green sata ssd 480gb (Planning to buy gen4 ssd soon)

    Antec HCG750 Bronze PSU

    Antec NX 800 Cabinet

    I hope you'll help me.

  11. GIGABYTE is shit! i am done with gigabyte.. going to MSI to replace GIGABYTE board usage, this X570 Aorus Wifi Pro, (*latest bios) cannot get into bios, cannot reset bios, pulled power, pulled battery, let it set, replace battery, jumpered bios reset, still Frozen at Aorus splash screen upon F12 or DEL to enter bios/boot menu , pulled power disconnected all USB , all sata, BIOS reset again.. NO DICE! still frozen at trying to get into bios/boot menu. which means I cannot even boot off of USB flash drive if i choose to. It will boot into windows just fine, even using windows troubleshoot to enter UEFI fails and still froozen. I AM DONE with GIGABYTE, this is the second Gigabyte board (4th Gigabyte product) that has failed or has blocked me out of getting into bios.. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING should stop you from entering the bios, the one fail safe item you should be able to get into. I been building PCs since 1985, this is not my first rodeo. ASUS , MSI, has been my solid run to boards, but gigabyte was a cheaper option and now i know why. Pure SHIT!

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