Bios Password Reset for the most HP Computers By:NSC – GSM FRP

Hi all 🙂

I Finally toke my time to show you how you can Reset the Bios Password for your HP Notebook or HP Desktop Computer´s.

This here works only for HP!

Here also a video, on how to take off a Bios Chip:

And here a Video on how to work with the USB Bios Chip Programmer:

Here you can download the HP Bios Unloker:!ADMBUoPXCLe-iRg

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9 thoughts on “Bios Password Reset for the most HP Computers By:NSC – GSM FRP”

  1. Well, I don’t have a HP computer but it was very educational and interesting video to watch 🤔
    Hope you have a good day as well 🙂

    Edit: never mind just found out it’s for most computers xD

  2. Hey nsc I would love to buy a delid tool from you. And I would love to tip you for your huge work on this community. I know you don’t get much but just some real gratitude from us fixers and modders 🙂

  3. Nice video..well done!! I'm really happy that finally I found how to reset my bios password on my Hp 830 G5.. Can I have the password for the Bios Unlocker pls.. i really need it!!
    you would save my life 🙂

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