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Learn the basics in this video BIOS Explained.
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Hi Welcome to Dell Tech Support.
We’ve all heard of BIOS, but what exactly is it and what does it do?
BIOS stands for Basic Input and Output System.
BIOS contains all the basic software required to…Boot the motherboard Check the installed devices and Load the operating system.
The main functions that are allowed to be customized within BIOS are the Date and Time, the Boot Sequence, Advanced Boot settings, System passwords for the administrator and the hard drive, and Adjusting the number of cores used by the processor and the operating speed.
Every time you turn on your computer, it goes through four processes: CHECK the information stored in CMOS, a tiny memory located on a chip on the motherboard, and check the information about the hardware configuration. POST makes a brief test on the physical components, such as the hard drive and the processor, to see if everything is okay. ACTIVATE the components installed on the computer, such as expansion cards, like the video card and the external audio. Finally the BOOT; starting the Operating System.
Basically, BIOS is the system behind your system. It has a lot of responsibility. It is what’s happening behind the scenes every time you turn on your computer.
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22 thoughts on “BIOS Explained (Official Dell Tech Support) – GSM FRP”

  1. Dell sucks. I bought a laptop 1 year ago and I've been thinking to get it repaired locally until now when everything just got worse. When I contacted them they offered to bring me back to the retail store where I bought it and the retail store did not even care. Now, the product page of my laptop's model (Inspiron 7447 Pandora) is unavailable and the sites suggested to get a different model. What a piece of crap, why would you sell an experimental-like laptop out in SEA region to test some crap laptops and discontinue when everything fails? Drivers are outdated, the BIOS, I'm not even sure if I can update because I may get no more support if it breaks, and might even be worse. I don't see how you can do this to customers and to think that I gave Dell a try. Never again.

  2. Dell.. I have recently bought an Alienware alpha with an Xbox controller but you send me the controller and cancel my alpha order. My credit card company pays money for the fucking alpha but you cancel it. I talked to support so many times but you guys just hang up. All I can say is dell is fucking retarded and you should just drive to your fucking local Best Buy and buy your shit.

  3. Okay I'm having a problem with a Dell Latitude laptop with Windows 10. When I did the factory reset the full factory reset. Now it's telling me that the computer needs a bios update the computer will not fully restart. Would you be able to clarify how I could do the bios update when it's in this cycle cuz it does not give any information to update the BIOS while you're in the Bios any help would be appreciated remember it's Windows 10

  4. dell n5110 inspiron can't support windows 10 pro 64bit a11version , how ever i have 2nd generaion i5-2410m processor 12 gb ram so sad please make new version of update flash file to update it to in order to install the windows 10

  5. We have hundreeds of Bricked Dell XPS 15 9530 from Failed BIOS UPDATE. Dell did not help us when it happened. In short, do not update bios if your laptop is out of warranty and has no recovery option like most dell after 2016 model.

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