ASRock Z390 Extreme4 BIOS Overview – GSM FRP

Going through the BIOS on the ASRock Z390 Extreme4 Motherboard. Full review of the board:

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22 thoughts on “ASRock Z390 Extreme4 BIOS Overview – GSM FRP”

  1. Thanks for doing this – its difficult because there aren't many resources online for this board specifically. A lot of stuff about the Z390 Phantom or Taichi, but barely any Extreme4 info! You da man, do a vid on overclocking it to help the community 🙂 I know the ASRock settings are different compared to ASUS, Gigabyte, etc (thinks like LLC numbers are reversed, etc).

  2. Hello thank you for video. I bought the same card and it does not recognize VGA and no internet. I have win 8.1 and installed some drivers but not all as they are for win 10. Could you please help what driver I should install. I had same problem with previous motherboard but intel smart connect technology driver helped but I can not install here.

  3. yow wow dude like maybe you should ask if your a college instructor or disco dan! its hard to pay attention to what your doing when im dsco dancing! i think you could have turned this into a 1 to 2 hour video. im sorry im stupid most of the time i return this type of crap because i cant figure it out. i dont know who they sell it to. i dont use windows i use Linux Ubuntu because im not going to call windows to tell them im installing things it like none their business and i cant image who would do it i have not used windows since windows 2000. i like that your modern most videos are really old like 1 or 2 months. ive been building computers for the last 20 years and ive seen everything fad away! im going to try to see if i can enter the new market i actually bought a used HP nice did NOTHING and i was happy but it was used and dident last. so im building. i hope you become a professional i would like to communicate with you. i just threw a gigabyte into the can couldent figure out how it works. if you want it call me! you could do a video on each section of the bios if your interested. you seem smart join us at the college. but were really boring!

  4. GARBAGE! THROWN INTO CAN! the mouse does not go out when you shut down the computer! this is like gigabyte. the only way to shut down the muse is to shut down the power by throwing the plug on the back of the power supply! i thought this was limited to gigabyte. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO SHUT DOWN THE MOUSE? is their some thing in bios this is a problem from gigabyte that happened 25 years ago and they never fixed it. this will burn out your mouse. hELP IF YOU CAN!

  5. YOU NEED TO DO THIS VIDEO! i have information but dont understand but am working on it. you did reply so i know your reading. this is a copy of information. you need to know this or you will return your motherboard and it needs to be explained by the company. YOUR MOUSE WILL NOT SHUT DOWN!
    YOU WILL THINK THE board IS BAD its not!
    you will never buy from that company again.
    but finding this on anther board made me wonder whats happening.
    Sorry I am late but it is called ErP Support. ErP Support determines whether to let the system consume less than 1W of power in S5 (shutdown) state. When the setting is enabled, the following four functions will become unavailable: PME Event Wake Up, Power On By Mouse, Power On By Keyboard, and Wake On LAN. You can switch it off in your advanced bios settings, for further information please look into your bios manual.
    After digging into the BIOS settings I found out the solution.
    I went to advanced/chipset configuration/deep sleep/ set to S4-S5.
    Thanks anyway
    In BIOS, look for USB/Keyboard/Remote Power On and USB Mouse Power on, try turning off the mouse. Also try different usb ports.

    Manual located here:

    found #4
    I looked at the manual and yeah I found it after a
    couple of hours. I found it under Chipset Configuration and there are
    two different settings: Deep Sleep and Good Night Light.
    Good Night LED:
    By enabling Good Night LED, the Power/HDD LEDs will be switched off when
    the system is on. It will also automatically switch off the Power and
    Keyboard LEDs when the system enters into Standby/Hibernation mode.
    Deep Sleep:
    Configure deep sleep mode for power saving when the computer is shut down.

    I have Good Night LED enabled and the LEDs on my mouse and keyboard stay
    on even when the PC is turned off. I don't know whether it is because
    they don't have any drivers so the system doesn't recognise them or
    whatever but changing the Deep Sleep setting does help. But there are 2
    different settings. One is enable S5 and the other on is enable S4+S5
    and of course you can also disable it which was set as default. Do you
    know what is the difference? I couldn't find it in the manual.

    see all information below
    still trying to understand .

  7. Hey, i’m very new to building PC’s and i just built mine with this motherboard. Could you maybe make a tutorial on how to install windows on this motherboard? Or maybe like describe it here? It would mean alot! Thanks!

  8. I don't understand much of these things. I just assembled a pc for a friend of mine with ASRock extreme 4 z370 and 8600k. the BIOS is 1.30. should i update it? thank you very much

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