All Samsung Remove Account Latest Security Patch May 2020 FRP Bypass – GSM FRP

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This video shows you how to remove Google & Samsung account free and easy on Samsung Galaxy S series, Note series with Android 10 and One Ui 2.1 with latest security patch April 2020 year.

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30 thoughts on “All Samsung Remove Account Latest Security Patch May 2020 FRP Bypass – GSM FRP”

  1. Thank you , but the 3dots do not give me all your options on my note9 only 3 options can to go to or find Samsung pass not there, please help me

  2. Hello, I'm Kabba from Sierra Leone I have tried this method but it always telling me that Gmail keep stopping I don't why, please I need immediate reply to solve this problem, I also restart it but it still the same, I need your advice on this method, I'm using Samsung Galaxy S9 android 10

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