8 Hidden Android Settings You Should Change Right Now! – GSM FRP

Android users, this video is for you. 8 hidden, cool Android settings that you should be changing right away and trust me, these settings, tricks and features are something you haven’t seen before (at least we hope you haven’t).

The video includes Android settings from MIUI, RealmeUI, OneUI, as well as OxygenOS.

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20 thoughts on “8 Hidden Android Settings You Should Change Right Now! – GSM FRP”

  1. Version: 6.18.3F203
    Android version: 30
    Manufacturer: OPPO
    Model: CPH2213
    Hardware: mt6853
    Architecture: aarch64
    Time: 2010210031435
    Device: OP4F4DL1
    Brand: OPPO
    Product: CPH2213
    OS Version: 4.14.186+
    Version incremental: 1629121263779
    Carrier: IND airtel
    Saved: 2
    Cloud: Google drive
    Accessibility: true

    Call params: 0261 VC: 000
    Delay in: 0.5 out: 1.0
    Loudness: 0

    Current params: 0261 DEF: 521
    Recording mode: Automatic
    Delay default in: 0.5 out: 1.0
    Delay in: 0.5 out: 1.0
    Loudness: 0
    wifi call

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