25 Windows XP Startup Sound Variations in 2 Minutes – GSM FRP

🛑🛑WARNING : Decrease your volume to 1:00 (if you want to have your ears again)🛑🛑
Made on Camtasia 2018 and Ableton Live 10 Lite.
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Video Editing time for this video : 4 hours.
Upload : 10 mins.
To tell you about my channel, I start by finding a little of everything, especially what might appeal the most to my viewers and subscribers, whether it be memes, or other things.
Then I use Ableton Live 10 first to modify the sound to make it original and to be able to make it new, I make about 25 for each video.
After that, I go to my editing software Camtasia Studio, to put all my sounds in, in sequence, and put them in random order.
And finally to complete the video, I need the image that goes with it, which I modify with Photomosh, to be able to animate it according to the theme of the sound.

For my other types of videos like memes, I use a source that will go to the end totally different from the origin to show my audience that they can distinguish the difference.
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